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Terms and Conditions

Business Communication Consultants Ltd

Client Terms and Conditions


Our representatives will provide a "client orientated" service and present a pleasant and helpful attitude to all our clients in such that you perceive that we have exceeded your expectations. Where problems may arise, we will respond in a positive attitude with constructive ideas.



Communication standards will be outstanding, promptly returning telephone calls when not initially available; promptly responding to letters, faxes and email; all with no need to be chased.

If a problem is found during your visit requiring further instructions, we will provide a quote (same day if problem urgent otherwise in next few days) detailing as applicable our price and solution for the required resolution.



All our operatives, (employed, self-employed or sub-contract) will attend site dressed smartly. No smoking will be allowed on any premises.


Payment of Invoices

In order to make sure our clients receive their invoice from Business Communication Consultants Ltd in a timely manner, our invoice will be sent within a target period of 7 days and no longer than 14 days after the work has been completed. We will not issue your invoice until the work is 100% complete unless staged payments or payments in advance have previously been agreed.

Where test results are awaited (e.g. MAT) work will be deemed to have been completed on receipt of the test results.

Our invoice will detail goods, services supplied, the date the work was completed and what it entailed. Payments should be made within period stipulated on invoice. Goods supplied will remain property of Business Communication Consultants Ltd until payment received in full.


General Terms & Conditions

Before any work starts, the asbestos register and survey will be consulted as appropriate to ensure that all operatives are aware of the ACMs within the property. Work must not be undertaken on ACMs without the prior written consent of the Client Representative within the workplace.

By giving us your instruction, it will be deemed that you will be responsible for any indirect or consequential loss or damage to property and persons who are in your employ, sub-contract, 3rd party or general public.

By giving us your instruction, it will have been deemed that we will agree to observe the requirements of The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and do all in our powers to preserve the safety of our representatives, your employees, other employees, your sub-contractors and the general public while working on the premises.


There will be no additional costs for work other than if we receive a variation order from you as our Client and then the value of any additional work will be limited by the value of the variation from you.


These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the United Kingdom.




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